The vocational training facility in Elmshorn (BBE) is a vocational training and education centre for the crafts in the counties of Pinneberg and Steinburg. Some apprentices from other counties also attend these multi-business classes. It is located in Elmshorn, 32 km northwest of Hamburg.


Cross-vocational apprentice instruction

The BBE is a centre for the multi-business apprentice instruction for the construction trade, painters and lacquerers and automobile lacquerers, the metal, electrical, installation and heat installation workers, plus automobile mechanics, carpenters and hairdressers.


Training measures

The BBE is the carrier organization for training and educational measures of the labour agencies and consortiums in the areas of vocational preparation, vocational training for disadvantaged youth, adapted continuing education for out-of-work specialists, and activation and qualification measures for the long-term unemployed.


Continuing education

The BBE also provides continuing education classes with a focus on preparation for master exams, automobile technology (automobile training centre ZDK), welding technology (branch office of DVS-SL Travemünde), electrical engineering (HPI electronics training centre), electronic data processing and business management.


The BBE has room for 262 workshop participants and 58 theoretical class participants.